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Privacy and protection of personal data

In this privacy statement we answer the most important questions about the processing of personal data by Rodima BV. We would like to provide you with clear and transparent information. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Privacy legislation (GDPR / AVG).

As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) is applicable. This new privacy law, internationally called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), applies throughout the European Union and deals with, among other things, the retention and protection of personal data.

What is personal data?

There is data that says something about you. For example, your name, address, age. When (a combination of) this information can be traced back to you we talk about personal data. For example, your address or e-mail address. But for example also your first name together with your date of birth. When others have these personal data, they should treat them with care. Photos and videos are also considered personal data.

From whom does Rodima BV process personal data?

Rodima BV only processes personal data of people with whom we directly or indirectly have, intend to have or have had a relationship. This includes, for example, data from:

What does Rodima BV process personal data for?

First of all, there are the practical matters for which we process data. For example for all kinds of administrative processes around invoicing, quotations and so on. If you contact us through a form on the website, we need your personal data to be able to contact you back.
Data can also be used for promotional or marketing purposes. For example, to inform you about new projects or general news items. Do you not wish to receive informative communication from us? Then click on "Unsubscribe" or "Unsubscribe" in the relevant mail. This will delete your email address and you will not receive automatic emails from us until you subscribe again.
In case of a job application, you are responsible for the content you communicate in the requested cover letter and CV.

Does Rodima BV also process special personal data?

Special personal data are sensitive data, for example about health, criminal record, ethnic or racial data. We only process special personal data if we are required to do so by law, with your permission or if you ask us to. In the latter case, we only process this data if it is necessary for our services.

Who has access to my personal data?

Within Rodima BV, your personal data can only be accessed by employees of Rodima BV. Rodima BV cannot and may not exchange data with external parties without the express consent of the individuals involved. Contact us at to request an overview of all your personal data that we handle. Your personal data will be kept carefully and processed no longer than necessary for normal use. At your request, we may make changes (e.g., address changes). For statistical and technical purposes, it is possible that the email traffic generated via forms on the website is monitored by the developer of this website. In doing so, no data is stored for further use, and serves only to ensure the functioning of the respective forms.

How long will my data be kept?

Data related to customers are kept as long as necessary for administrative or accounting purposes. Data obtained through a form on this website, are kept for as long as they are relevant to the communication in question.
Unsubscribed e-mail addresses for newsletters (adhv e.g. MailChimp) are kept in a limited form in order to be able to correctly generate statistical information such as subscription numbers over the years. Under no circumstances will you be contacted again via automatic mailing without your prior consent.
Data are either kept internally on secure computers, or on Combell's web servers (, where Combell ensures the security of access to these servers.

Can I see what data Rodima BV processes about me?

Of course. Contact us via with the request to forward all your data and we will process your request as soon as possible. You can make adjustments if you wish, or ask to be completely deleted from our database.
All data remains in the European Union and is fully covered by the legal destination of the GDPR.

Where can I go with a question or complaint?

For questions or complaints about the processing of personal data by Rodima BV, or to access the information available and have it changed or deleted if desired, you can easily contact us at If you believe that your data is being processed unlawfully, you can also contact the Privacy Commission.
Who is responsible for processing my personal data?
All personal data at Belinsect are processed either by self-created software (e.g. for invoicing and file forwarding), or by MailChimp ( - for processing email addresses for mailings). This software is managed solely by Belinsect employees, ensuring the proper registration of your personal data. Belinsect contact details: Kleine Izegemsestraat 31, 8880 Sint-Eloois-Winkel, T +32 492 31 29 73,

What specifically does Belinsect do with my data?

Belinsect asks for your data in three situations: (1) General contact form: here we ask for your name and e-mail address. We need these to be able to contact you back. We also ask how we can be of service to you, this makes it possible to immediately put you in contact with the correct employee. Finally, you can enter a message where you can formulate your question or comment. Your current IP address is also stored to prevent misuse. This data is kept until the end of the necessary communication.
(2) Application form: your name and email address is necessary for us to contact you back. We also ask for your CV and motivation letter, in order to make a first selection in the application process. If you have an online portfolio, you can also optionally provide it. Your current IP address is also stored to prevent misuse.
These data may be kept in order to maintain an internal application list, which Belinsect can consult if there is a need for additional workers.
(3) Client Area: in order to give you access to our Client Area, we require your login credentials (email address and password). These are for verification purposes only and will not be forwarded to us under any circumstances. Here you can enable the "Remember Me" checkbox, which stores a cookie with your login data so that you do not have to enter it again the next time you visit. This cookie is stored on your computer in an encrypted form.
This data is not saved any further.

Opt-out & Forget

Rodima BV can send you (automatic) messages. Think of a confirmation of sending an information or application request, or an auto-reply if an employee is absent. It is not possible to unsubscribe from these service messages. Rodima BV considers them necessary for a good user experience.
If you would like us to remove all the data we have on you, please submit a request at . We will try to fulfill your request as soon as possible, taking into account all legal / accounting obligations.
For other messages, it is possible to unsubscribe from receiving messages through an OPT-OUT in each email. Each automated message will contain an "Unsubscribe" or "Unsubscribe" link where you can unsubscribe. In the rare event that this would not be the case, you can always notify us by email at


Rodima BV is required by law to inform visitors about cookie usage. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device. Cookies allow it (among other things) to store your preferences, settings, login information, security, advertisements, etc ... to store and reuse on your next visit. Rodima BV uses functional cookies (e.g. for remembering a language choice) and cookies for managing web statistics & social media. These cookies do not store personal data and therefore cannot be linked to an individual.
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For users of the Client Area and/or Backstage of Rodima BV, it is possible to save a cookie whereby your login information is stored in a secure form on your computer. It is possible at any time to uncheck this checkbox so that no data is stored.

Privacy policy changes

Rodima BV reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. It is recommended that you review this privacy policy before using Rodima BV so that you are aware of any changes. You can save or consult this privacy policy yourself via If there are any ambiguities, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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General terms and conditions of Rodima BV

  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all agreements, quotations and orders and the resulting sales, delivery and invoices are governed by the following general terms and conditions. The general terms and conditions of Rodima BV are accepted by the client by the mere fact of placing an order with Rodima BV. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the terms and conditions below take precedence over the contractual terms and conditions appearing on the documents of the client, as a result of which these terms and conditions are to be considered non-existent.

  2. The price lists, price estimates, quotations etc. are always without obligation and without commitment on the part of Rodima BV and apply only as a price proposal. Rodima BV reserves the right to revise its prices in function of the changed market situation.

  3. The given delivery times are purely indicative and do not constitute an obligation of result on the part of Rodima BV and are therefore without obligation on the part of Rodima BV. Failure to meet them can never give rise to any compensation or cancellation of the order by the client. If Rodima BV, as a result of circumstances beyond its control, is unable to fulfill an order or to do so within the predetermined delivery period, it can, by simple notification, extend a delivery period without any compensation in favor of the client. Delivery and transport are always at the customer's risk and expense.

  4. When the client fails to fulfil his commitments, as well as in case of bankruptcy or apparent insolvency of the client, Rodima BV has the right to consider the agreement dissolved without any notice of default and by operation of law. It suffices to notify the client by simple registered letter. In the event of dissolution or termination of the agreement at the expense of the client, the parties explicitly agree that the client will owe Rodima BV a fixed compensation estimated at 20% of the contract price, without prejudice to the right of Rodima BV to claim its actual higher losses.

  5. Rodima BV retains title to all delivered goods until full payment of all claims that on whatever legal basis have arisen and will arise in favor of Rodima BV from the commercial relationship. Any risk for damage or loss of the goods is for the account of the client.

  6. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing, the invoices of Rodima BV are payable within 15 days after the invoice date. Each invoice, which is not fully paid on its due date, will automatically and without formal notice incur conventional interest equal to the default interest rate according to the law on late payment of August 2, 2002 and a fixed compensation of 10% with a minimum of € 250 per invoice. In addition, the client will also owe payment of all costs and fees of the lawyer Rodima BV has to call upon. Complaints regarding the invoice must be reported in writing within 8 days of the invoice date. Late payment of an invoice voids all outstanding invoices. The client waives his right to invoke the suspension of his payment obligations, on whatever ground. Upon payment of an invoice or part of an invoice, the customer is deemed to have approved and accepted the invoice and the delivered goods.

  7. Rodima BV cannot be held responsible for defects resulting from improper use by the client or third parties, nor for any consequential damage and damage as a result of transport. Rodima BV guarantees that the goods will be delivered in good condition and/or health. Any complaints must be explicitly and immediately reported to Rodima BV, failing which the delivery is deemed to be accepted and to have taken place in accordance with the agreement. In case of a possible complaint, Rodima BV has the choice to deliver new goods or refund the price already paid for the non-conforming goods to the client. Insofar as Rodima BV depends on the cooperation, services and delivery of third parties in the execution of its commitments, it cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from their fault, including their gross or intentional fault. By the signing of the delivery note by the customer, or by a third party, the goods are deemed to have been accepted by the customer.

  8. The goods delivered by Rodima BV are exclusively intended as pet food. Rodima BV can in no way be held liable for any other use. The liability of Rodima BV is limited to the damage that directly results from a shortcoming attributable to Rodima BV and in all cases to the amount of the invoice that relates to the delivery of the goods from which the relevant damage has arisen.

  9. The nullity, invalidity or unenforceability of a specific provision of these general terms and conditions or of any agreement with Rodima BV does not result in the nullity or unenforceability of the other provisions of the general terms and conditions or the agreement. The void or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by mutual agreement between the parties, negotiating about it to the best of their ability and in good faith, by a legally valid provision with the same or similar economic scope.

  10. Only Belgian law shall apply to all agreements, offers and orders and the resulting sales, deliveries and invoices. The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is expressly excluded. All disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts having jurisdiction over the registered office of Rodima BV.